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Gay Sex on The Slopes

My admirer are a high-risk skier, and so I acquired him a few skiing lessons with a attractive boy i know. He enounced that all he wanted was60 minutes to instruct my friend how to skate. Unneeded to say that my admirer, the ski teacher are a not a real good instructor. But he’s good […]

Gay sex in public bathroom

Two horny gay men fucking eachother that in the public bathroom. Another great episode of Out In Public. Join today get download the full episodes today

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Converted a straight guy

In this weeks Out In Public update my boy and I are out in the middle of nowhere and my boy spots this guy sitting on a bench. He tells me that he wants to approach so I use my magic to approach this hot guy who looks bored as hell. I just told him […]

Make Money While You Suck Dick

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Garage Sale Fuckin’

On this week episode of Out in Public were out chillin in my hood and im with my homie and man this kid is damn horny as hell but i needed to check out this little garage sale up the block…so we head out and theres this young’n there scoping out the place but my […]

In The Middle Of Nowhere

In this weeks out in public update were out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the railroads and tumbleweed lol i mean u can scream and u would hear an echo thats how bad it is but out of nowhere this lonely soul came out of nowhere into our camera so i was in […]

Store Isle Blowjob

Today on Out In Public, we treat you guys to a crazy day at a local store, then at it’s parking lot. I and Captain were, like always, looking to find a poor unsuspecting sap to take advantage of, and possibly stuff. We spotted this one dude, that was just doing shopping at a local […]

Dick In The Slut’s Butt

You guys are going to love this one! I got Tristan and John Magnum on today’s new update of hardcore sex Out In Public. We’re walking around South Beach looking for somewhere to post up and get to the fucking. Both of these guys were eager to get to the business. Sure enough after walking […]

The Gym Fuck

Joey’s at it again on out in public, we decided to head out to the gym for a little workout ass. As they went stroll about looking at the pickens they find this guy. Who was also looking for a piece of ass. Well it didn’t take too long or much convincing to get him […]

Gay Sex Out In Public

In this weeks out in public update..were off doing our thing me and the homie from hot were hanging by the gas station and man he had to use the bathroom pretty bad but as we all know the shits always locked..but out of nowhere comes this 22 year guy that my boy totally […]

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